High low top ft. @Iknowstudio

So i used to have a love affair with high low skirts and dresses and now I have a love affair with high low tops! I love how you can pair them with everything. Whether it be skinny jeans, shorts, a skirt, etc. it goes with everything. It gives your outfit that extra something something to make it stand out. I am also obsessed with this skirt. I’ve had it in my closet for at least 1.5 years now and I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of it any time soon. I decided to pair it with this pink skirt in this look and I’m so happy I did because I think it gives more dimension to my look. Hope you all have a fantastic little tuesday!



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Healthvit charcol bodywash review

Hi everyone hope you are doing well. So activated charcoal is known to detox and deep cleanse your body from inside and outside. In India activated charcoal is not easily found. I got mine from healthvit. While using activated charcoal you have to be really careful, and I’m going to tell everyone that why I incorporate activated charcoal cleansing body wash in my bodycare.


Product Description:

Healthvit Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Body wash is formulated to draw out Dirt, Oil, and Sweat like a Magnet. It deeply cleanses skin without drying. Each component of the body wash is suitable for all skin types.

Helps regulate and alleviate problem skin, controls bacteria and irritations whilst soothing skin. Detoxify your skin and replenish nutrients for healthier and younger looking skin.


Directions for Use :

Step:1      Pour a Quarter Size Amount of Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Body wash On hands, Sponge or Wash cloth. Add Water and Massage onto Skin until a lather is Formed.

Step:2     Gently Scrub Your Body and Wash off with Water When Finished.



Alovera Gel, SBSH ,Demineral Water, Sodium Chloride , Bronopol (Bromerol) ,Fragrance, Activited Charcoal.

IMG_5725 (1)

Price of the product :

MRP :- Rs 225/- for 200 ml




  • Removes Dirt’s Oil Deeply
  • Deeply Washes Body Skin Without Drying.
  • It deeply cleanses skin without drying.
  • Helps regulate and alleviate problem skin, controls bacteria and irritations whilst soothing skin.
  • Detoxify your skin and replenish nutrients for healthier and younger looking skin.
  • Easily available
  • Quite low on price.


  • Cant find any.


Final Verdit……..

Activated charcoal with little bit of water and use it as a scrub to de-tan you body. Overall I’m happy with activated charcoal deep cleansing body wash from health vit. Key benefits of Healthvit Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Bodywash it deeply cleanses skin without drying, which is absoutely true as it removes dirt and oil deeply.

I highly recommend this body wash to all the skin type…..

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Lots of Love ❤️


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My active wear ft. piranah

As I have said before, for me, wearing pretty, quality gym gear is essential and in my view, you can never EVER have enough gym wear; actually, the more, the better!! So, when these beautiful piranah leggings and tshirts came through the door, I was more than excited!

So, who are/what is piranah?

Pirhana® is a brand of ethical activewear, blending modern exotic styles and smart materials with a commitment to treating workforces and the environment kindly.

With an aim to empower and inspire you during workouts, their clothing is bright, attractive and unique looking!

So here are my two looks created by piranah

1. Black pirhana t-shirt, multicolored legging( more of a purple) 

2. Pink pirhana t-shirt, black tie knot leggings(this legging was from @buyfashionhere (nstagram))

My initial thoughts:

  1. The leggings and tshirts look of great quality; the material is smooth and shiny.
  2. The colours on the leggings and tshirts are bright and fun! They don’t have too many colours in them though, so aren’t too intense

The wear test:

  1. Can you squat in them? YES! The bottoms don’t go see through!
  2. Can you do a HIIT session in them? Yessss; they don’t feel restrictive and don’t slip down!
  3. They are also great for running as they are not too thick so your calves don’t get sweaty (my biggest hate)

Design Detail:

The leggings and tshirts both have a lovely, simple design;!

The seams are just on the inside of the leggings so, they’re not itchy and you can barely feel them!

The leggings are high waisted so I didn’t mind training in them without a top!




So that was my review about those sportswear



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Kazo winter/fall looks

I don’t know about you but for me summer is officially over when august comes to an end and september kicks in. I have never been a summer person and I never will be, I just hate the heat. So the fact that the weather is already getting little colder everyday and While everyone else still enjoys last days of the summer and make finds from last chance sales my head is up and towards the new fall collections. I can’t wait to see what this years autumn fashion has to offer.

And i came across this amazing amazing brand KAZO

They have launched their La fiaba fall collection and i have created two looks from their collection 

Let’s check out the first one

So i picked up this stunning green jacket as it made my eyes go wide as soon as i entered the store and this sequin skirt is everything i was looking for.. completed this look by adding a pair of statement earings and a black classy bag 

Let’s have a look on the 2nd look i created

Here’s the purple frock from KAZO that i loved a lot.. i wanted this to be simple so just pairing it with black heels and long delicate earings and tied hair makes the look perfect

As it’s just the start of winter.. this is what i like to wear instead of those oversized sweaters.. those are my favourites too will try to come up with another winter fashion blog 

Stay tuned



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1 brand 2 looks ft. Soulwearclothing

As a fashion enthusiast, a lot of my time is spent researching styles and outfits. Some examples include video and photo look books, clothing hauls or styling tips, I love it all. This week I have decided to put together my own look book displaying my everyday style featuring one of my favourite brands right now – @soulwearclothing  (instagram) I have put together two looks that can be worn casually or smart-casually with simply a change of footwear.

The first look I have put together consists of soulwearclothing’s ‘New slit maxi dress’ in blue that I have teamed up with my black heels that has 3 flowers on  that I picked up recently.

My second look is also a prime example of an outfit that can be made casual simply by ditching the heels for a pair of cute slides or sandals. I have combined the simplistic look of soulwear’s ‘olive plazo’ And this season wine (burgundy) and olive.. these two colours are my most favourites and are in trend.. this olive plazo is from @soulwearclothing  (instagram) and the black semi net top is from @thesplurgestore (instagram ) i shop a lot from this page.. 

and I’ve paired em with simple black wedges so that i can comfortably carry this look full day..


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