My active wear ft. piranah

As I have said before, for me, wearing pretty, quality gym gear is essential and in my view, you can never EVER have enough gym wear; actually, the more, the better!! So, when these beautiful piranah leggings and tshirts came through the door, I was more than excited!

So, who are/what is piranah?

Pirhana® is a brand of ethical activewear, blending modern exotic styles and smart materials with a commitment to treating workforces and the environment kindly.

With an aim to empower and inspire you during workouts, their clothing is bright, attractive and unique looking!

So here are my two looks created by piranah

1. Black pirhana t-shirt, multicolored legging( more of a purple) 

2. Pink pirhana t-shirt, black tie knot leggings(this legging was from @buyfashionhere (nstagram))

My initial thoughts:

  1. The leggings and tshirts look of great quality; the material is smooth and shiny.
  2. The colours on the leggings and tshirts are bright and fun! They don’t have too many colours in them though, so aren’t too intense

The wear test:

  1. Can you squat in them? YES! The bottoms don’t go see through!
  2. Can you do a HIIT session in them? Yessss; they don’t feel restrictive and don’t slip down!
  3. They are also great for running as they are not too thick so your calves don’t get sweaty (my biggest hate)

Design Detail:

The leggings and tshirts both have a lovely, simple design;!

The seams are just on the inside of the leggings so, they’re not itchy and you can barely feel them!

The leggings are high waisted so I didn’t mind training in them without a top!




So that was my review about those sportswear



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