Monthly Archives: January 2017

Floral dress 

​After a relaxing weekend with family and friends, I thought Monday would be a bit easier, feeling refreshed and ready to go for a new week.  Even though I have a positive outlook for the week ahead – and the first day of fall! – that Monday feeling still hit hard this morning.

Regardless, Mondays are bittersweet as something good usually comes around, and today it is my collaboration with online retailer, Threadsandpals  Focusing on women’s fashion at affordable prices, my first impression of Threadsandpals  was impressed by the variety of products offered.  Anything from dresses to swimwear, the unique selection proved worthy after I chose this dark floral derby Chinese neck dress that matches up perfect with this year’s fall trends.   Typically, I am a bit hesitant to try out a new online retail store as pictures can be deceiving and quality can’t be checked before purchase.  However, after receiving this dress from Threadsandpals, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality at such an affordable price.

The dress has a relaxed fit which I love, but pairing it with these black flats for a fall appropriate look made a cinched waist necessary.  Not only is dark floral on trend, but western elements have been popping up everywhere as well.

Dress : Threadsandpals