Skin care ft. Aroma essentials 

Hello, Beautiful Souls!

Today, I wanted to share about my favorite skin care brand with you all. As i already mentioned in my last skin care post I am not a big believer in using fancy toners and all amd I’m really very simple and i like the natural things a lot plus I am also a big believer in saving money when necessary and not putting a bunch of really harsh stuff on my skin.  I have a combination skin type…

Here are some products that i highly recommend 


I wash my face with this neem face wash by @aromaessencials (instagram) i love this brand They make a lot of good, honest, organic products that are wonderfully priced, and that actually work! I will be honest, this facewash smells…less than favorable. It actually makes me gag a little when I use it, but it is the only thing that has ever cleared up my skin. I am indebted to aromaessencials for how much this cleanser has helped my skin…


How to use: apply a thin layer all over the face and neck leave for 10 minutes and wash it off… you’ll feel difference instantly… as it contains pomegranate teatree activated charcol thyme petit grain it gives u a  clear and glowing skin …

Suitable for type of skin: acne skin congestion,  blackheads, combination skin with pimples ( yes i was facing these problem because of heavy makeup every day for shoots😬)  and this product actually woked..


once i got rid of my pimples and patchyness pimples started turning into spots  it looked ugliest so for that i have this product that is litterly the best 

How to use: apply a thin layer only on effected area ( on acne pimples) and leave over nightuse twice a week 

Suitablefor acne prone skin

And last but not the least I’ve this awesome 


This products contains vitamin-E honey and bentonite How to use: apply a thin layer all over the face and neck leave for 10 minutes and wash it off… and also use this twice a week..

That’s all for today will be back with some more interesting topics (fashion,lifestyle,beauty,skin care)till then stay beautiful..

Thank you..

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