Beanstalk coffee review


In these winter mornings all I need is a cup of coffee that freshens me up and boost me to handle the entire day actively. Since the time I first tried the 3 variants of Beanstalk & leaves, I got even more addicted to coffee. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the packs to a very pleasant aroma, and the sight of strong and medium roasted coffee beans was magnificent.


This one is perfect for facing Monday blues as its pretty strong and give your senses a quick recharge.This one is a filtered coffee and will take 2 minutes to prepare.This has got a strong aroma which will freshen you up and a perfect deal to start your day with. This is a pure coffee powder with no added Chicory that makes it even more stronger.

Velvet Dew

Velvet dew is a little milder in comparison to shotgun and perfect when are you lazing around at home. This one is blended with roasted coffee beans and chicory. Chicory is a Caffeine free herb that is a popular coffee substitute, it appeals to be much organic and healthier. Its aroma will surely linger around and soothe your senses for a long time.

Smooth Operator

Smooth operator as the name goes is neither strong nor mild but something in between which is perfect enough to calm your senses. This flavour as per me can be perfectly sipped in the evening when you need something to soothe your mind and body.

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