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Skin care ft. Aroma essentials 

Hello, Beautiful Souls!

Today, I wanted to share about my favorite skin care brand with you all. As i already mentioned in my last skin care post I am not a big believer in using fancy toners and all amd I’m really very simple and i like the natural things a lot plus I am also a big believer in saving money when necessary and not putting a bunch of really harsh stuff on my skin.  I have a combination skin type…

Here are some products that i highly recommend 


I wash my face with this neem face wash by @aromaessencials (instagram) i love this brand They make a lot of good, honest, organic products that are wonderfully priced, and that actually work! I will be honest, this facewash smells…less than favorable. It actually makes me gag a little when I use it, but it is the only thing that has ever cleared up my skin. I am indebted to aromaessencials for how much this cleanser has helped my skin…


How to use: apply a thin layer all over the face and neck leave for 10 minutes and wash it off… you’ll feel difference instantly… as it contains pomegranate teatree activated charcol thyme petit grain it gives u a  clear and glowing skin …

Suitable for type of skin: acne skin congestion,  blackheads, combination skin with pimples ( yes i was facing these problem because of heavy makeup every day for shoots😬)  and this product actually woked..


once i got rid of my pimples and patchyness pimples started turning into spots  it looked ugliest so for that i have this product that is litterly the best 

How to use: apply a thin layer only on effected area ( on acne pimples) and leave over nightuse twice a week 

Suitablefor acne prone skin

And last but not the least I’ve this awesome 


This products contains vitamin-E honey and bentonite How to use: apply a thin layer all over the face and neck leave for 10 minutes and wash it off… and also use this twice a week..

That’s all for today will be back with some more interesting topics (fashion,lifestyle,beauty,skin care)till then stay beautiful..

Thank you..

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Beanstalk coffee review


In these winter mornings all I need is a cup of coffee that freshens me up and boost me to handle the entire day actively. Since the time I first tried the 3 variants of Beanstalk & leaves, I got even more addicted to coffee. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the packs to a very pleasant aroma, and the sight of strong and medium roasted coffee beans was magnificent.


This one is perfect for facing Monday blues as its pretty strong and give your senses a quick recharge.This one is a filtered coffee and will take 2 minutes to prepare.This has got a strong aroma which will freshen you up and a perfect deal to start your day with. This is a pure coffee powder with no added Chicory that makes it even more stronger.

Velvet Dew

Velvet dew is a little milder in comparison to shotgun and perfect when are you lazing around at home. This one is blended with roasted coffee beans and chicory. Chicory is a Caffeine free herb that is a popular coffee substitute, it appeals to be much organic and healthier. Its aroma will surely linger around and soothe your senses for a long time.

Smooth Operator

Smooth operator as the name goes is neither strong nor mild but something in between which is perfect enough to calm your senses. This flavour as per me can be perfectly sipped in the evening when you need something to soothe your mind and body.

Shop their products here

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Love, taruna

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Threadsandpals : online store review 

Hey beauts! I hope you all have been keeping well.

This blog is all about comfort and style and how we can pull off any outfit if chosen wisely keeping in mind your body type and how you can accentuate it without much added effort. I advice not to run after the trend blindly and become a fashion blooper, rather go after the one which highlights your best feature. In this blog I’ll be showing you guys an outfit that I styled from this superb brand called Threadsandpals 

Threadsandpals one such amazing online fashion store that caters the most alluring clothes to its admired customers. It has a fascinating clothing collection with a mix of stylish stuff that not only helps to enhance one’s personality but also gives an edge to the normal fashion sense, by keeping in view of the new trends, best quality fabric, texture and craft.

I’ve got this off shoulder top in my most favourite popping color PINK I’ve paired it up with this black jeans to maintain the simplicity of this look and at the same time I’ve addes this Crystal neckpiece to give a shiny touch and applied light pink lipstick to make it more popping and I’m wearing black heels…


Off shoulder top :  Threadsandpals 

Neckpiece : lass_vogue 

Jeans : forever 21

Heels : aldo_shoes

So… lemme know if you try this look..
See you next time… till then keep it stylish


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