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Skin care tips part 2

Hello, Beautiful Souls!

Today, I wanted to share my daily skin care routine with you all. I am not a big believer in using fancy toners and all amd I’m really very simple and i like the natural chik a lot plus I am also a big believer in saving money when necessary and not putting a bunch of really harsh stuff on my skin.  I have a combination skin type…

Here are some products i use a lot


I wash my face with the red tomato face wash by @aromaessencials (instagram) i love this brand They make a lot of good, honest, organic products that are wonderfully priced, and that actually work! I will be honest, this facewash smells…less than favorable. It actually makes me gag a little when I use it, but it is the only thing that has ever cleared up my skin. I am indebted to aromaessencials for how much this cleanser has helped my skin…


And we have another cleansing product here that’s called DEEP PORE CLEANSING GRAINS 

How to use: mix 1tsp product with 2tbsp. Water and then apply a thin layer on your face leave for 10 minutes and wash it off… you’ll feel difference instantly…it gives u a  clear and glowing skin …


Girls, note this down!!! If you don’t have spf in your moisturiser like i don’t…always apply a sunscreen… as your skin litterly need to be protected in every season every day… there’s no such thing that winter doesn’t damage your skin … it does too… so the sunscreen is a must have in every girl’s skin care box

And last but not the least I’ve this awesome body butter (COCOA SHEA) i apply this on my skin and mesaage well for 8-10 minutes and feel the magical difference… my skin be so soft so smooth… every touch feels magical then 🙈

That’s all for today will be back with some more interesting topics (fashion,lifestyle,beauty,skin care)till then stay beautiful..

Thank you..

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